Monday, June 20, 2011

Blue Bell Creamery

There are many nice things about summer break, but the one I love most is that my girls get to spend time with their cousins. Today we made a trip (a first for me) to the Blue Bell Factory in Brenham. Had a short little tour then enjoyed a cup of deliciousness for lunch.

My sprouting girls enjoying all the ice cream decor.

The cousins and Durr kids, minus baby Krew.

Riding the cow...too bad I didn't catch it's name...

I know everyone loves Blue Bell, but I am still a Dreyer's fan if I have to eat ice cream.

Blue Bell ice cream is the 3rd selling ice cream in the nation...go Blue Bell.

Sunday, June 19, 2011

"How's that different from any other day?"

There are so many quotes that we have taken from tense moments and incorporated into our lives on a daily and even weekly basis that make us laugh. The title of this post is one of them. It's from Daniel Lawton...thanks, man. So it's Father's Day and both Mark and I would like to say, "How's that different from any other day?" In asking what "special" meal he wanted, he rattled off a list of 5 or 6 ideas, stating that everyday is Father's Day because he gets fed daily. So I make him hiyashichuka.


He eats, then cleans up the dishes because that is what he does on his "special day" and everyday. Then we have FART time on his "special" day (FART stands for Family Afternoon Rest Time)'s something we do every Sunday, except for this Sunday I rest for longer than he does. And to make the day even more "special", we have FHE and then play games...well, we do that every week, so really, how's that different from any other day?

Here is how it is different...he got BREAKFAST!

Homemade cinnamon rolls, hot out of the oven!

But truly, it is a special day because I have been blessed with a wonderful husband of twelve years and my girls have the best father. On his special day, we are reminded that he is actually our special gift. We love you Marklavious! Thanks for being the best of the best! HAPPY FATHER'S DAY!

Saturday, June 18, 2011

June Recap

Will I ever become a true blogger? Probably here goes, another month's recap of what has been going on in our little world.

The end of May was fast and furious. I met with a childhood friend for lunch. She was in town for a museum conference. Hadn't visited with her since before my mission so it was a nice treat to see her. Thanks, Katy Knight for taking time to watch me eat, literally!

May 26th-27th was a fast trip to Dallas for Mark and I and while we were gone my newest nephew decided to arrive, Krew Dalton Erwin! We met with our new accountant and felt a little blown away with what we need to do to prepare for the future, but it was very good and we are excited for the challenge. Thank you Sabrina for watching our kiddos!

May 31st-5th Grade Party...need I say more. Leilani along with the other 5th graders enjoyed a day in honor of them with a talent show, Chick-Fil-A for lunch, and tons of water fun outside! They are celebrating the last days of elementary school...can you believe I have a middle schooler now?!?

June 1st-The last day of the 2010-2011 school year. It's been a great year for the girls and we are so ready for SUMMER!

Swim practice is now every Tuesday through Thursday in the morning and the girls are loving spending time in the water to escape the hot Texas heat. It's a great way to start the day.

June 3rd-4th-Mark leaves for Port Aransas for a High Adventure fishing trip with the scouts. He leaves with 22 boys, 8 canoes, 1 trailer, and 3 cars. He comes home with the same, minus one scout tub...oops! While Mark is gone, we decide to go on an adventure ourselves. We team up with Miss Penny and her clan and head to Six Flags Fiesta Texas in San Antonio. We come home with everyone we left with and all our gear! Haha!

The week of June 6th is a reminder that I am getting old...on the 6th I have a doctor's appointment with the hand specialist to see what's growing in my left's just a ganglion cyst and he removes it right on the spot...not expecting that at all but now it's gone. Just some numbness and pain in my hand a few weeks later. The following day I am at another doctor's appointment, I want to get my pterygium removed from my eye, but the doc wants me to wait....not happy. Then Thursday I go in for my mouth...yes, a sign that I am getting older and not neccessarily wiser as I was unable to tell the opthamologist that I wanted to proceed with the eye surgery. I'll wait till school resumes and then I'll see if I've gained any wisdom to voice my opinion.

11th-Finally returned the canoes from the scout high adventure and spent the day in Beaumont with Grandma and Grandpa Lawton, and Uncle Dave. It was awesome and relaxing! Enjoyed some yummy eats and lots of pool time.

17th-We celebrated Aidyn's 7th birthday with a ton of kids in the backyard, two waterslides, an above ground pool, a fun relay, pizza, pizza and more pizza and lots of presents from generous friends. Thank you all!!!

18th-The girls have their last dual swim meet and Aidyn places first overall for her freestyle! Way to go Ai!

Now that's a June recap...doubt that pictures will come, but atleast we have a reminder of what's up in our life. Don't you just love it?

Sunday, May 22, 2011

May Recap

It's been a while since I've blogged, but it's not because there hasn't been much going's because we have been so busy that there isn't any time! A quick recap of May with details and pics to come.

Swim team started for Aidyn and Mia, Leilani opted not to swim this year

5th-8th: Buffalo New York (Grandin printing press, Smith Family Farm and Sacred Grove, Hill Cumorah, Whitmer Farm) and Niagara Falls

13th: Mia's 9th Birthday

14th: Girls on the Run (GOTR) 5K and Mia's Birthday Party

21st: Girls first swim meet against Spring Cypress and the Memorial Hermann Texas Ironman in the Woodlands, TX

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Mia's 9th Birthday Bash

Mia normally has a family party to celebrate her birthday, but this year she decided she wanted a friend party so we had a combined family and friend birthday bash.

It was a full house, or I should say a full yard with lots of food and fun.Xiomara Lira ( made this beautiful display of edible yummy's for Mia.

Sugar cookies decorated as beachballs that Leilani and Miguel (Xiomara's son) decorated.

A layerd jello cake with Mia's picture.

An excited Mia. She though the cake was "really cool".

Lots of water games...

waterballoon toss, followed by a waterballoon fight and a drenched Mark, bubbles, chalk, waterslide and water kickball.

Food: Hamburgers and hot dogs, fruit, veggies, and chips

Swimming in the pool

The Ladies (Holly, Cheryl, Sabs, Ai, Mom Lawton & Di)

Grandpa Lawton grilling burgers and dogs

Friends, friends.....

...and more friends!

and finally...presents.

Thanks to all of you who helped us celebrate Mia's birthday! She had a wonderful day!

GOTR 5K Houston

A while back I has asked Mia what she wanted to do for her birthday, she said she'd like to run a 5K together. Fortunately for us, there was the Girls on the Run 5k the day after her birthday in the Bridgelands so we signed up to run it. It was Mia and Aidyn's first 5K. They ran the whole thing and finished in 39:05. I was a super proud mom to see what my girls accomplished. Out of the "girls" Leilani placed 3rd (two 35 year old women came in ahead of her) and 12th overall. It was a great time and we hope to run another race together again soon!

My awesome girls who love to run! (They must take after their father!)

Friday, May 13, 2011

Happy 9th Birthday, Mia!

Dear Mia,

Today is Friday, the 13th, and the best day ever because today is your birthday! Today you are 9 and we can hardly believe it. It was a miso soup and rice morning, a sushi lunch and stroganoff dinner with fresh green beans that you picked from our garden...some of your favorites to eat. You are becoming such a lovely young lady and we love being around you. Your laugh is so contagious and fills our home with happiness and your laid-back personality is refreshing and becoming a lifesaver for me with the hormones that we have infiltrating our living space! We love you for your diligence and dedication to do you best at whatever you do, and for the sweet spirit and tender testimony that you have. You are wonderful and we love you, love you, love you! Happy birthday to our Mia, Mia!

Mom and Dad